Moorage Rates

Moorage Rates

Vessel LOA

Per Ft/Mth
Up to 36’
$12.95 Per Foot
Up to 46’
$14.25 Per Foot
Up to 52’
$16.00 Per Foot
Up to 60’
$17.50 Per Foot
Up to 70’
$19.50 Per Foot
Up to 80’
$21.50 Per Foot

1. Moorage is calculated based on the greater of the Slip Length (SL) or “stem to stern” vessel Length Overall (LOA) – minimum charge of 36′.
2. Moorage will be calculated on a pro-rata basis for over-width vessels exceeding the maximum berth beam.
3. Pre-Payment of minimum three months + One Month of Moorage Deposit is required for Annual-Monthly Installment Payment Plan (subject to Marina approval).
4. Post-dated cheques or credit card payment pre-authorisation is required for Annual-Monthly/Quarterly Installment Payment Plans. Finance fees apply.
5. A Marina Services Fee (power provision & meter reading, water, waste & recycling, other) of $15 per month will be invoiced quarterly.
6. Electricity Consumption Cost Recovery Charges are calculated on individual usage and invoiced quarterly (due & payable within 30 days).
7. Vessel tenders and/or dinghies may only be stored on the Licensed Vessel – dinghies left afloat will be removed at tenant risk & expense.
8. Disposal of any oil/fuel product, antifreeze/engine fluids, boat renovation/repair materials or toxic substance within the marina is prohibited.
9. Recreational Vessel Moorage only. No live-aboard, chartering or commercial use permitted.
10. Waterfront Suites and Marina is staffed 24-hours. Administrative services available Monday – Friday, 09:00 – 17:00.

5% GST Applicable to Moorage Fees and related.


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